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I remember thinking some years back about one of my cousins back home and how she has such a deep Southern accent that she almost sounds British.

And when you think about it, it almost makes sense. At one time, not too long ago when you really think about it, everyone spoke that way here.

And with the isolation of the rural South, it’s logical to think that the Southern accent might not have Americanized like others have.

Which goes to show that the South, in some far, remote locales, can resemble its own country.


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When we stop doing something we mostly tend to say that we just stopped or we quit.  Similarly, we might ask someone to quit or stop.

It’s a British quirk, an English one at least, right across the classes to say something different:

“No thanks, I’ve packed the booze in.”

“It’s time you packed in with those cigarettes.”

For some reason we’re obsessed with shoving things inside something else.  And I’m not talking about sex here.

But what is it we’re packing the booze and the cigarettes into?

Furthermore, if you see somebody shouting at somebody you might feel inclined to tell the aggressor to, “Pack it in.”

All this shoving things into other things makes me tired.  Can we just pack it in?

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