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So What Exactly Is In Team?

There’s no “I” in “team.”

They say this if you’re being a ball hog. Or in the corporate world where you’re always part of some team and where sports jargon is grossly overused.

On the basketball court, some people like to say “There’s no ‘D’ in ‘Eric.'” Cute and convenient. The only problem is that I actually do play defense.

So, yeah, there’s no “I” in “team.”

But there is “me,” which kind of blows that whole idea out of the water.

There’s also “eat” and “meat” and “tea.” Something makes me think that when we think of the concept of team, we should consider ourselves individually … and what we want for dinner.


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As we grow older we often hear ourselves saying things our elders have said before us, things we once thought were very uncool.

Yesterday, after seeing one of those electric mobility cars, complete with hunchbacked pensioner, zooming down a hill at an alarming rate, I heard myself remarking to a friend that it must be “out of cog” for it to be going that fast.

My grandad used to say that: “So, I knocked it out of cog.” I never thought I’d say it.

It sounds so much more colourful than saying, “It’s in neutral.”

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No comment

Often when politicians or other people in the public eye are being interviewed about bad things they’re alleged to have done, they often respond with, “No comment.”

But by saying that, they’ve commented…

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People are always telling me I should follow through on something.

I’d rather not follow through at all thanks very much. I like my underwear just the way it is.

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Sitting in front of me, actually they could be laying, but they’re definitely not standing, are a pile of application forms.

I’m going to fill them in because that’s what we do here. Whereas my cousins across the pond fill them out.

So, are you filling it in or are you filling it out?

I understand filling it in because you’re writing stuff in the little spaces, so how do you fill it out?

Teenagers tend to fill out, but that’s because their metabolism is changing, well that and too much junk food…

Enlighten me.

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