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Moving the Food

“Food to go” – it’s creeping up everywhere.  And nobody knows where it’s going to.

“Food to take away” – I’d sooner take it away.  I can take it anywhere I choose.

But food to go?  It gives me images of the food getting up on its own legs and leaving by itself.


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The English language often confuses me, even though I’ve spoken it (or at least tried to) as my first language since I could first put a subject and a verb together.

There are often so many ways to portray the same meaning:

  1. Although he had light skin he didn’t get sun burn easily.
  2. He didn’t get sun burnt easily even though he had light skin.
  3. In spite of his light skin he never got sun burnt.
  4. He never got sunburned despite his light complexion.

If , after over 30 years of speaking English as my first language, I have problems, then how should I expect somebody to understand me when English is their second language?

Sometimes it’s difficult to articulate…

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