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As far as flyers go, well, when they drop through my letterbox they usually go straight into the recycle bin.

But not this one. It was too good an opportunity to miss. Understanding some of the stuff was easy, some a little bit more difficult.

That ones easy enough. I think it means “you may pay by cheque.”


Now there’s a surprise: a bacon burger topped with…wait for it…sliced bacon on burger! Wow, who’d have thought it!

Which is why I got really worried after something so obvious when I saw what number 6 was:

Holy crap! If a bacon burger is topped with…sliced bacon…then an American burger must be topped with…a sliced American? Well, if we’re going to keep with the theme, anyway.


Phew! That was a close one. Stranger things have happened though.

This next one was quite straight forward…but still funny:

So, I saved the best one until last. I really don’t understand this one at all. If anyone can figure this one out for us at Just Language, please do so in comments, it’ll be much appreciated:

Any ideas? Nope? Me neither.

Here, they repeated it for us on the back, just in case we didn’t get it first time:

I’ll never complain about flyers again.


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"In the event of any waterborne vehicle striking this bridge please phone…"

But if any other kind of vehicle hits it, that'll be just fine…aeroplanes, space shuttles, lorries – no problem.

"The safety of trains may be affected."

The safety of the people in the sinking waterborne vehicle isn't our concern.

Besides all that, this page isn't a bridge anyway.

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Dog lovers say their dogs are like children. Typically, this seems to be true when they don’t have actual children. Which is cool. Caring deeply for anything almost always is.

The same thing, I’m told, goes for cats, too.

Which brings me to my point.

I’m always interested in what people name their animals. Putting aside names like “Fluffy,” “Frisky” and “Killer” … I’m fascinated when people name their pets after actual, everyday human names.

Some make sense … “Charlie,” “Dolly,” “Sadie.”

But then there are those …

There’s a guy who passes by in my neighborhood. His dog’s name is “Ashley.”

Something strikes me about that. I have a sister-in-law named Ashley.

It reminds me of when we were walking our dog, “Sky.” A kid came up to pet her, we told him no, she’s not friendly with kids. And he mistakingly called her “Scott.”

It really is odd to think … “Scott,” “David,” “Jennifer,” “Richard,” “Bob,” “Elizabeth,” “Cheryl,” “Paul,” “John,” “Carol,” “Eric” …

Could you imagine “Mary” squatting for a dump in someone’s yard?

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gas fire

So, it be winter here and it’s a tad parky outside. Exhaustive research (exhaustive being a relative term where I’m concerned) hasn’t yielded the origin of the word parky.

So, I’m going to attribute its origin to the old style parker coats people used to wear when it was…parky. Although I suspect the word’s been around a lot longer than the coat.

Any ideas?

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