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…please don’t make it howl.

Most readers are probably tired of hearing and reading about the wind howling. One of the most common elements in literary description is that of wind, and I think you’ll agree that it’s time we had something other than “the wind howled” in our armoury.

So, join me in coming up with modern descriptions of a very windy day/night. Here are my offerings. I’m aware that they mostly stink, but at least they’re different.

The wind made trees bend over like overenthusiastic pilates instructors, the shadows joining in the exercise, roof tiles lifted and reseated repeatedly, making a non-uniform clapping sound. In corners of yards litter danced in circles like children playing a game, a woman leaves here house and promptly loses her hat. By the time her hand has reached her head it is too late, the hat has a head start in a five hundred metre sprint.

Alternatively, we could be scientific in our approach.

The rapidly flowing particles of gas collided with all manner of objects such as trees, build, hills and even people. As they did so they rattled about amongst themselves and other objects, some kinetic energy being transformed into sound.

Ewww. That stank more than the first example, right? So, here’s short and to the point.

It was really fucking windy.


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