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This is one I used to struggle with regularly in my day-to-day work, until I got used to it.

Someone pled guilty or pleaded guilty?

The rule for us in journalism is pleaded. The lawyers like pled.

I imagine this goes back to the good ole English court terminology somewhere in history.

In any case … I like pled.  It sounds more natural.

You don’t say you “saided” something.


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It’s coming to that time of year when there’s a knock at the door and you know who it is before you even open it.

To insult these people (never to their faces) some might call them names.  And they don’t put much thought into their insults.

Bible Bashers.

Where this one came from I’ve no idea.  But I’ve never yet seen a religious person bashing their bible; it wouldn’t achieve anything.

God Botherers.

Well, they might be bothering some people.  But I doubt they are bothering God (if there is a God to bother) and even if they intended to, wouldn’t they be struck down by lightning?  And isn’t God the last entity they’d want to bother?

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