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“Can I ask you to take off your baseball cap please?”

You can.


“Well go on then, take it off.”

You asked if you could ask me to to take off my baseball cap and I said yes, so go ahead and ask. Then I’ll take it off.


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I don’t like the term “deputies.”

I like “police.”

I don’t like “investigators.”

I like “detectives.”

So the detectives determined that Justin was smoking his bong in the wilderness after police said they heard a group around a campfire playing Wu-Tang covers with a sitar.

The investigators and the deputies just stood around sounding stupid.

Which is generally what pigs do.

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Common Sense

Just doesn’t seem that common these days and therefore should be known as uncommon sense from this day forth.

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It’s coming to that time of year when there’s a knock at the door and you know who it is before you even open it.

To insult these people (never to their faces) some might call them names.  And they don’t put much thought into their insults.

Bible Bashers.

Where this one came from I’ve no idea.  But I’ve never yet seen a religious person bashing their bible; it wouldn’t achieve anything.

God Botherers.

Well, they might be bothering some people.  But I doubt they are bothering God (if there is a God to bother) and even if they intended to, wouldn’t they be struck down by lightning?  And isn’t God the last entity they’d want to bother?

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It's been a long time since I thought about that crazy Bizarro character from the "Superman" comic books.

He was the (somewhat loveable) villain who was everything opposite Superman. He even lived in "Bizarro World" and had his own language.

If memory serves, it took a different color Kryptonite to weaken him. And his "S" was mirror backwards.

The language wasn't esoteric or anything, like Klingon or something.

It was very proletarian. Very user-friendly, in a twisted Bizarro-like way.

In the heat of battle, Bizarro would tell Superman, "Me am trying easy to hug you. You am not a wimp."

Superman understoood.

It's easy, really. Just find a way to say the opposite (though sometimes you get confused and end up using the double negative, which we all know adds up to a positive, which isn't Bizarro talk at all).

Ohh … me am thinking this is smart subject to not write about.

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